People in Delhi voted for Manmohan, Sheila Dikshit

May 17th, 2009 - 6:09 pm ICT by IANS  

Manmohan Singh New Delhi, May 17 (IANS) The 7-0 whitewash in Delhi, within six months of the convincing win of the Congress in the assembly elections, was in large measure an affirmation of the policies and persona of two people - Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.
Many interviewed by IANS said they did not even know the names of the Congress candidates in their constituencies, but wanted to vote for the larger “idea of India” and the “progressive” policies followed by the party that had taken India’s international reputation to a new high.

A lot of young people were also impressed with the candour and sincerity of Rahul Gandhi — whose well-timed, nationally-televised press conference in New Delhi during which he answered questions on a wide array of subjects impressed many — and said they voted for a man who offered a “vision of the future for the country”.

Teena Jha, who voted for the Congress for the second time in six months, said categorically: “I voted for youth and progress. They are better than BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) who just harp on a communal agenda.

“Look at Rahul. The way he spoke when he addressed the media in Delhi recently. All my friends used to think he is too immature to be a politician. But just see him. He has evolved and matured in the past few years,” the 22-year-old student from Jesus and Mary College told IANS.

Riku Sharma, who is from the same college, said she was not even aware of Congress candidate Mahabal Mishra, who has been elected from West Delhi constituency.

“I live in Janakpuri. I knew that (BJP’s) Jagdish Mukhi was contesting elections. But I had no idea who the Congress candidate is. He seems someone new. But I was sure whom I wanted to vote for. I voted for the Congress because of the way Sheila Dikshit has made the city a better and cleaner place to live.”

Dikshit first won the assembly elections in 1998, won again in 2003 and defied predictions to sweep power for a third term in 2008. She emerged as the one decisive factor that helped give the Congress 43 seats out of the 70 member assembly.

The Congress’ remarkable victory in the national capital this time with all its seven candidates winning with margins of more than 100,000 votes is also credited to Dikshit.

Said an admiring Neha Sinha, also a first time voter: “It was Sheila Dikshit who brought development to Delhi in the actual sense. With flyovers and the metro, Congress surely has developed the city.”

Saanya Khanna, 20, feels that Congress leaders are educated and “can represent India well”.

“For instance, our prime minister is a very educated and learned man. His economic policies changed our economy. I am sure he would do wonders for the country.”

Added Abhishek Joshi, a 25-year-old software consultant: “I think under his (Manmohan Singh’s) able guidance, we will see a better economy and infrastructure.”

For Ranajoy Singh Roy, the choice had always been clear. With Manmohan Singh at the helm in these times of economic instability, he said, it was the Congress that had the potential to power through.

Manmohan Singh got kudos from others as well.

Diwan Singh, a retired government servant, was all praise for the humble and soft spoken prime minister.

“He is a true scholar and economist. He is also one politician who has a clean image. Due to his efforts, India has figured in the world map as a country ready to face economic recession.”

Usha Kaushal, 57, said she worried for Rahul Gandhi.

“I am just praying for his long life. I am a staunch Gandhi family supporter. I cried when Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were killed brutally. When I saw him on television after the Congress emerged as a winner, I was impressed the way he has matured. I just wish him a long life.”

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