Noemi Letizia pictures dominate Berlusconi campaign

May 30th, 2009 - 2:11 am ICT by GD  

The news of Silvio Berlusconi - Noemi Letizia illicit affair spread like wildfire when the billionaire Prime Minister’s wife filed for divorce. The much-publicized verbal battle between the Italian Prime Minister and his second wife Veronica Lario, had started over the Prime Minister’s alleged liaison with the 18 year old aspiring model, Noemi.

Berlusconi, 72, has been vehemently denying the claims of being in relationship with a minor girl. Noemi Letizia’s ex-boyfriend claims that Berlusconi was directly in touch with her, and not through her parents, as was stated by Berlusconi.

The ex-boyfriend, Gino Flaminio also said that Letizia’s pictures lay in a file atop Berlusconi’s desk, along with other aspiring models’ pictures, which were provided to him by the head of one of his TV networks.

Noemi Letizia has been quoted saying that she calls Berlusconi “papi” or daddy. She has been gifted gold and diamond jewelry by the Prime Minister on her birthday. She was photographed wearing the same.

The alleged relationship has somewhat made a dent in Berlusconi’s political career, with the opposition harping on his “minor achievements”. Wife Veronica Lario sent a letter to news agency Ansa in April, stating that Berlusconi had recently attended the 18-year-old Letizia’s birthday. His scandalous conduct pushed her to seek a divorce.

Berlusconi has demanded a public apology from his wife, saying she has leftist inclinations and has been duped. But Berlusconi cannot deny that the Letizia “affair” has cost him heavily. While his campaign was going on, pictures of Noemi Letizia in lingerie and bikini were posted all over, influenced by Lario’s declaration.

Berlusconi swore on the heads of his children, rejecting the claims of the affair being false. He has accused the La Republica of defaming him.

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