Maria Sergeyeva Tipped to Become Minister

March 16th, 2009 - 10:17 pm ICT by GD  

Maria Sergeyeva At 24, Maria Sergeyeva is a glamor politician who is the latest propaganda poster girl for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Reportedly Putin is using her to reach the youth and whip up jingoism and an anti-West sentiment.

A supporter in Putin’s party United Russia said, “Maria is a potent combination. She can sway crowds with her passion, her looks and her punchy style but she also reaches out via her blogs and webcasts to places that normal politics fails to go.” She is the new leader of Young Guards, a burgeoning band of nationalist Soviet-style anti-immigration fanatics who back Mr.Putin.

Miss Sergeyeva claims she holds no official position in the Young Guards, but has suddenly become a noticeable feature in Russian society with regular newspaper columns, political rallies and through her access to the internet with a rather blunt nationalist message. Of immigrants she said, “They grab our work, and they should go home.”

At the Komsomol rally, which was entirely pro-Kremlin, Maria gave an inspiring speech that has been viewed many times on Youtube and the members of Russia’s biggest blogging committee and to disable comments to keep them within a reasonable number limit.

Three years ago Maria Sergeyeva was proudly anti-Putin in the Democratic Party, but now she is completely in favor of Mr. Putin’s brand of politics. Sergeyeva is also a regular 24 year old whose blog talks about her feelings and frustrations, men and romance.

She also talks about her own looks and posts her photos. She also talks about the achievements of another woman she looks up to, saying, “I adore Catherine the Great. Now she was a great leader,” though history says otherwise.

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