KNP delegation explained real situation of Kashmir to Pakistani Envoy

September 6th, 2008 - 12:43 pm ICT by admin  

Leaders of Kashmir National Party, Abbas Butt, Chair, Nawaz Majid, Zonal Secretary General and Dr Shabir Choudhry, Spokesman met Pakistani High Commission His Excellency Wajid Shamsul Hasan and Deputy High Commissioner Manzoor ul Haq in London to discuss the current situation of Jammu and Kashmir.

KNP leaders congratulated His Excellency for becoming a Pakistani High Commissioner for the second time; and also appreciated His Excellency’s contribution for democracy and rights of people.

They reminded His Excellency that during that struggle we shared a common goal and pursued same agenda of promoting democracy, rule of law and rights of people. KNP leaders said it was pleasure to see His Excellency in this position and hoped that His Excellency will appreciate our struggle for united and independent Kashmir, and would not give - in to those whose agenda is to communalise and commercialise politics of Jammu and Kashmir and South Asia.

KNP leaders expressed their great concern about the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir. They said our struggle is for right of self determination and is not based on religious affiliations. Our struggle is not for Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir but for all Kashmiris; and we are concerned about rights, identity and future of the entire state and its inhabitants.

They said extremists in the Valley and in Jammu with help of extremists from Pakistan and India have hijacked the agenda of right of self determination, and are spreading communalism and hatred which will not be in the interest of even Pakistan and India. They said we warned Pakistani officials as back as in mid 1990s that transformation of right of self determination in to Jihad and talibanisation of the Kashmiri struggle will ultimately damage Kashmir struggle and create serious problems for the Pakistani society.

But unfortunately we were discouraged and condemned for adopting this policy. A number of serious allegations were made against us, but time has proved that our approach was correct and that these policy makers were wrong.

KNP leaders said we hope that now democracy has returned in Pakistan we hope that common sense will prevail and there will be a change of policy with regard to Kashmir. They said Pakistani people and especially religious groups must understand that our struggle is for our right of self determination and Pakistani people must not be led to believe that we are too eager to join Pakistan when situation of Pakistan is so terrible that jet fighters are used regularly to kill Pakistani Muslims even in Ramadan; and future of the country is uncertain.

If Pakistan was a stable and democratic country with rule of law and prosperity then perhaps people of Jammu and Kashmir would have considered option of joining Pakistan seriously, but as it is Pakistan is not a serious option for the majority of the people. But that does not mean that we have to be enemies of each other – we can agree to disagree and support each other in different ways.

KNP leaders also expressed their deep concern about plight of the people in Azad Kashmir, especially in the Neelam Valley. KNP Chair Abbas Butt and Nawaz Majid who have recently returned from their visit to the area explained what it was like there. Devastation of earthquake was still visible and no serious effort was made to rehabilitate them. They also expressed increased activities of non Kashmiri militant Kashmiris who are there to cross over to the Indian side of Kashmir, which will ultimately create serious problems for the local people, hence damage to the on going peace process.

KNP leaders also expressed their concern regarding upraising of the Mangla Dam and subsequent problems of the people. They said people still have not got their compensation, and no serious effort has been made to set up hamlets to resettle them.

KNP leaders hoped that their reservations would be passed on to Islamabad policy makers and that our interaction would continue. Pakistani diplomats assured the delegation to pass on our concerns to the concerned quarters and would continue dialogue with all groups working for the cause of Kashmir.

KNP leaders also presented a set of books written by Dr Shabir Choudhry to the Pakistani diplomats and requested them to look at the Kashmir dispute from a Kashmiri perspective; and not only rely on official circulars or information presented by the pro Pakistan elements who have their own interest to manipulate information to suit their political and personal interests. END

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