From king to commoner (Milestones)

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Kathmandu, May 28 (IANS)Milestones in life of ex-king Gyanendra of Nepal: * Nov 1950: Baby prince Gyanendra crowned king as three-year-old after his grandfather Tribhuvan and father Mahendra flee to India

* June 4, 2001: Gyanendra becomes king again, four days after his elder brother King Birendra is assassinated inside the palace

* May 2002: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba dissolves lower house of parliament on king’s instigation

* Oct 2002: Gyanendra sacks Deuba and begins ruling Nepal indirectly through a series of handpicked cabinets

* Nov 2002: Maoists step up offensive, announcing opposition to elections. King clamps down emergency

* Feb 2005: Dispensing with all facades, Gyanendra seizes power after an army-backed bloodless coup and begins ruling directly as chairman of a new government

* April 2006: Nationwide uprising against royal regime. 19 days’ continuous protests paralyse the country and force the king to step down as head of government.

* May 2006: Lower house of parliament restored and begins slashing king’s powers

* Nov 2006: The Maoists sign a pact with the new government, both sides pledge to hold the first-ever constituent assembly election to decide the king’s fate

* March 2007: New constitution promulgated, king suspended as head of state

* Dec 2007: Under pressure from Maoists, parliament proclaims Nepal a republic with the proviso that the actual implementation would start after the first meeting of the elected constituent assembly

*April 10, 2008: Constituent assembly election held after two false starts. Maoists emerge as biggest party

* May 24, 2008: Prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala asks Maoists to form new government

* May 27, 2008: Ceremonial president replaces king as head of state

* May 28, 2008: Nepal formally declared a republic

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