Ex-Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo: Obama is a liar

September 11th, 2009 - 1:37 pm ICT by BNO News  

LITTLETON, Colorado (BNO NEWS) — Former Republican U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo says Rep. Joe Wilson should not apologize for “telling the truth” when he shouted “you lie” to President Obama during his address to Congress on Wednesday.

Wilson received fierce criticism for his outburst in Congress, which was aired live around the world. Wilson immediately apologized to President Obama, which he accepted.

“Joe is right, Obama is a liar,” Tancredo said in a statement on Thursday afternoon. “Republicans attempted to attach language to the Democrat health care bill in committee that would have required the government to verify the legal status of anyone receiving benefits under the plan and imposed enforcement mechanisms for violations of that requirement. Unfortunately, the Democrats voted that amendment down,” the former congressman from Colorado continued. “If the Democrats and the President truly wanted to prevent illegal immigrants from obtaining publicly funded health care benefits, they would have approved that amendment.”

Tancredo continues on to say they are not alone in questioning Obama’s claims. He gives a letter from Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf as an example, which he wrote on June 15.

Elmendorf wrote: “According to the preliminary analysis, once the proposal was fully implemented, the number of people who are uninsured would decline to about 36 or 37 million, representing about 13 percent of the nonelderly population. (Roughly a third of those would be unauthorized immigrants or individuals who are eligible for Medicaid but not enrolled in that program.)”

Tancredo also questioned the facts for other claims made by Obama. “The President expects us to believe that he can provide health insurance free of charge to those who can’t afford it, the care will not be rationed, premiums cannot go up, risk factors cannot be considered, no one will be excluded, taxes will not increase, and that none of this will cost the taxpayers a dime. In fact, he expects us to believe this huge federal program will actually save the taxpayer money. How dumb does the President think the American people are?,” Tancredo asks.

“First the President tells America that we are facing imminent national bankruptcy because of Medicare’s spiraling costs — then in the next breath he tells us that his solution to this problem is to basically expand Medicare to cover any person in America, and that this will result in a reduction in the deficit. In essence - he is arguing that the best way to reduce spending is to spend more. This makes no sense,” he continues.

“It’s as if Democrats in Washington have become so drunk with power that they now believe they can repeal the basic laws of economics with a simple majority vote of Congress,” Tancredo concluded.

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