Ask CBI to probe into Swedish model’s allegations, demands BJP

April 27th, 2010 - 5:32 pm ICT by IANS  

Bharatiya Janata Party Panaji, April 27 (IANS) The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into allegations made by a Swedish model and former girlfriend of a notorious Israeli drug dealer that a politician’s son was involved in narcotics mafia in Goa.
Speaking to reporters in Panaji Tuesday, Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar said only a CBI probe would be able to expose the disturbing and unholy nexus between the narcotics mafia, police and politicians.

“We have always been saying that a son of a senior politician is involved in drug trade. The latest development (referring to the email interview of Swedish model Lucky Farmhouse) only proves what we were saying all this while was true,” Parrikar said, adding that if the investigations into the allegations were handed over to the local police, the latter would only eliminate the evidence.

“What this girl has said must be looked into. Drugs from Goa have to be rooted out,” Parrikar said.

Lucky Farmhouse, a Swedish model and former girlfriend of an arrested Israeli drug dealer had Monday alleged in an email interview that a son of a “big politician” was linked to the drug mafia in the state.

Before Farmhouse’s charge, Fiona Mackeown, mother of slain UK teenager Scarlett Keeling had also alleged that a politician’s son was involved in narcotics trade in Goa. She had also said that the narcotics mafia was responsible for her daughter’s death and the subsequent cover-up operation.

Spycam videos of Atala shot by Lucky Farmhouse, 33, and uploaded on had resulted in the arrest of half a dozen policemen for their links to the mafia in March this year. Atala himself was arrested by the police for interrogation.

In an email interview, Farmhouse said she was in possession of more videos of a Goan politician’s son and several policemen who came to collect bribes from Atala.

“A son to a big politician is involved; I have met him in Atala’s house many times and will remember his face. It´s scary to see his father in the news. He is the reason I have not put out all recordings I have done because I need to save those in case they come after me,” she said.

Lucky, who claims to have modelled in Stockholm, Paris and London, also said that she was willing to hand over the tapes to the police, but admitted that she feared for her life.

“He had asked around among his criminal friends if someone could get rid of me. So I continued to record when I had the chance and booked a ticket back to Sweden,” she said.

“I´m very surprised no police have contacted me,” she said, adding that she was willing to offer more information and hand over the sensitive videos but was apprehensive to a certain extent.

“They have my name and know who I am and Atala has threatened by phone that he will finish my life. I´m not afraid of Atala, but I´m a little afraid of this police and what they can do,” she said.

The Goa police has been grappling to cope with the aftermath of the two spycam videos shot by Farmhouse that came on the heels of arrest of yet another Israeli drug peddler David Driham alias Dudu.

Dudu, during interrogation, has reportedly revealed the names of several politicians, policemen and journalists which the police have refused to officially acknowledge

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