Varanasi astrologers suggest August 8 related to Saturn

August 8th, 2008 - 2:00 pm ICT by ANI  

By Girish Kumar Dubey
Varanasi, Aug. 8 (ANI): Many astrologers in Varanasi have been busy brainstorming and explaining the likely impact of August 8 of this year on peoples lives. Many people have become scared after learning that children delivered on this date could be ominous.
Besides, this date of the year, according to astronomical calculations holds significance considering the fact that when calculated numerically, it sums up digit 8 by all angles.
The date contains eight numerals and also it adds up to eight Aug.8, 2008 denotes (8+8+2+8 = 26 and 2+6 = 8).
But different astrologers have varying interpretations of the August 8. Some view it in terms of how ominous it will be for all, the others interpret it to suggest how fortunate it would be for people related to different zodiac signs.
“If somebody spends time in worshipping Shani God today, it”ll be very good and the most important thing is that it is being noticed that the date is 8. August is eighth month of the year and the year is also 2008. If added, it totals 26. As per numerical calculations 2+6=8, so in this way it leads to 8 in many ways and so the importance of 8 increases especially,” said Laxman Das, an astrologer.
“Number 8 is good for all the zodiac signs and mainly for the zodiacs who represent Shani. If one has taken birth on 8th or 26th, then this day will be very beneficial for him,” he added.
Many people, who fear Saturn for its negative astronomical effects on human lives, have been particularly curious to learn its exact impact on their lives. The fear stem from a astrologers suggestion that it could be ominous for childrendelivered on this date.
The anxious would-be parents and elders of several families, thus have been busy spending their time knocking at the doors of astrologers and Godmen ahead of the Friday to ascertain the actual impact of eight.
“I have heard from many people that the Shani (Saturn) is God of 8 and it is lucky for some and unlucky also for others. So I have come here to ascertain that only the astrologers can tell how will be this day 8th date, 8th month and year 2008, if a child takes birth on this day,” said Anil Shukla, a resident.
Number eight is generally stated to represent Shani Grah or Saturn, the planetary deity generally feared for causing misfortune.
“I”ll suggest everybody not to start any new work on Friday on 8th August because number 8 is very unlucky and it is an indicator of volatility. If one starts business at a volatile time, its outcome will also be bad. So postpone that work till 9th which you have to do on the 8th. The period, which has been declared as capricon and aquarius lagan (time) dont do any good work at that time and if it is very important, do it before 5.13 a.m or after 8.32 a.m, then only you”ll get the benefit of it. This period of four hours is very harmful, don”t do any good work in that period,” said Acharya Pandit Prasad Dixit, another astrologer.
Some astrologers have suggested solutions to avoid the bad effects on the normal delivery of a child. (ANI)

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