Today’s youngsters sport prescription-free specs for style, not sight

March 23rd, 2010 - 4:57 pm ICT by ANI  

New York, March 23 (ANI): After fake tan, fake boobs and fake bodies, a new trend is catching on - fake glasses! Yes, it’s true, specs are no longer the property of the weak-sighted, and have become the must-have accessories for today’s youth.

Stylist Elle Werlin claims that in the last 18 months, she has found most models use phony spectacles to get the right look.

A lot of models arrive for shoots wearing heavy-rimmed spectacles, “but then they throw them off and you realize the glasses weren’t necessarily to help them see,” says Werlin.

To serve the need of wannabes H&M’s accessories has even launched new fake glasses for just 14.95 dollars.

Manhattan optician Jonathan Crespo claims fake glasses are used as an effective prop by jobseekers.

He said: “People looking for a job focus on their appearance, and feel like buying a pair of glasses will make them at least appear smarter to help them land it.

“If they need just one minute to process their strategy, they will slowly take off their glasses and put one of the ‘arms’ in their mouth. It’s a calculated trick to buy some time. And, in some cases, it can really help.”

Fake glasses, commonly sported by celebrities, have a different name in the optical field.

Nader Zadi of said: “In the optical field, we refer to specs that people wear for fashion reasons as ‘plano’ glasses.”

However, Crespo warns that people should be careful while choosing fake glasses.

“Keep in mind, if you pick up an ophthalmic frame, the demo lenses are made of acrylic and they’re not optical quality, so you won’t really see very well,” the New York Daily News quoted him as saying.

Nonetheless, Werlin admitted wearing fake glasses could make one feel different.

She said: “It gives that aura of sophistication and intelligence. It’s like how people feel about plastic surgery. If you want to admit it, you can - and if you don’t, it’s just your secret.” (ANI)

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