The beauty and mystic of Egyptian Art

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Egypt also known as “the land of the pyramids” preserves its culture and heritage till today. These mysterious landmarks are an evidence of great work of architecture that the Egyptian kings built using thousands of workers and very primitive means. Ancient Egyptian art is renowned for its style of painting, sculptures, architectures and crafts. It is said that these were mainly developed by the Nile valley civilization. The Egyptian art mostly relates to the period between 5000 B.C. and 300 A. These works of art are highly stylized and symbolizes Egyptian culture.

Egyptian art involves a detailed representation of human beings and nature in their works. It is believed that these portrayals provide company to the dead. Artists tried their best to preserve their works. Ancient Egyptian architecture is a well designed and carefully planned piece of work. It basically involves the use of a variety of materials such as sun dried and kiln-baked bricks, limestone, sandstone and granite. The structures were extensively decorated with brilliant pictorial carvings. The solar disk, the sacred beetle or the vulture were few of the pictorial representations used.

The Egyptians believed in life after death. This is clear from the detailed and impressive way in which the bodies were preserved in the form of mummies. It was a ritual that as soon as a pharaoh was named, they would start the construction of his burial monument. This continued till his death. There are few burial monuments that are large and very finely decorated. King Tutankhamen’s tomb however was comparatively quite small since he died at a very early age. Egyptian Art marks the existence of the most beautiful and mysterious forms of art in ancient civilization.

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