‘Tanning Butler’ Becomes A Highly Desirable Vocation

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Zach Gilbert May 18, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): A tanning butler may not be discovered effortlessly. However, it has to be one of the most excellent vocations in the globe provided one enjoys slathering oil on good-looking females in bikinis.

Zach Gilbert has mentioned that he is the globe’s solitary tanning butler. While that may or may not be authentic, what is true is that Gilbert has sauntered in the seashore in Miami. His vocation as a tanning butler consisted of presenting sun tan lotion and applying it on the bodies of the guests of the Ritz-Carlton hotel. This data was mentioned by CNN.

Females on whom Gilbert applied sunscreen have mentioned to CNN that they would ask him to come back. One female, nonetheless, observed that it would be necessary for her to acquire endorsement from her husband first.

But Gilbert will have to go to undertake his post of a waiter at the hotel. Hence, interviewees had recently come to a casting call to occupy the position of Zach Gilbert as a tanning butler.

The hopeful slatherers were queried by the interviewers about how they would come within reach of the guests and interact with them.

The interviewer, Lori Laquatra, mentioned that they were rummaging around for a fabulous and attractive personality, someone who can intermingle with the guests.

Luz Gallego, an aspirant for the post of tanning butler, uttered that she had performed this sort of work before. However, rather than utilizing tanning oils, she had employed mud. She had to position mud on individuals. She stated that many individuals loved it when mud was placed on them.

Eventually, the adjudicators elected a college student, who will earn $20 an hour, in addition to tips.

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