Saggy Pants Not A Crime Says New York Judge

July 30th, 2010 - 7:23 pm ICT by GD  

By Meena Kar
baggy_pants_criminalsJuly 30, (THAINDIAN NEWS) A New York judge has ruled in favor of saggy pants and said that though it is foolish, it is not a crime in the state. The controversy started when a NYPD policeman gave a ticket to a Bronx man for wearing pants well below his waist and exposing his underwear. The judge ruled that the summons could have been a result of one police officer showing his displeasure with the style. He added that the ticket was not illegal and added that the constitution permits foolishness in a person’s mode of dressing.

Julio Martinez was issued a ticket on April 20 by the NYPD cop and the case has been of great debate throughout the nation. The judge’s ruling might have come as a relief to some youngsters but several states are already trying to criminalize the dressing style. The judge explained that a person has the right to dress up in anyway that does not offend others or is indecent. State Senator Eric Adams was in the news when he started the ‘Stop The Sag’ campaign that encouraged the youth across America to pull up their pants.

The style of wearing pants way below the waist has reportedly emerged from the country prisons where the inmates are given pants that are often too big for them and the use of belts is prohibited for safety concerns. The New York judge, Ruben Franco, has reportedly faced many cases of saggy pants in his courtroom and given the same decision each time. Julio Martinez and his legal aid were unavailable for comment.

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