Ruling on Prop 8 (same sex marriage) will be made today

May 26th, 2009 - 9:59 pm ICT by GD  

Today is one of the most crucial days for all those who are concerned with same sex marriages. 26th of May, 2009, is the day when the California Supreme Court will pass a ruling that will either uphold Proposition 8 or strike down the amendment. For those who have come in late, Proposition 8 which is more commonly known as Prop. 8, refers to the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriages. The ruling will also be significant in deciding the fates of 18,000 same sex marriages that were carried out in the year 2008.

The most awaited ruling was preceded by prayers from people belonging to different sects and religions. On the eve of the ruling a number of representatives of faiths ranging from Jainism to Buddhism gathered along with hundreds of San Francisco residents for a service at the Grace Cathedral. The event was organized by Marriage Equality USA. The service was quite emotional as many participants ran into tears.

Reverend Roland Stringfellow of the Pacific School of Religion commented that the huge participation in the service revealed the extent to which different communities wanted to stand by the same sex couples and support their cause. It was really overwhelming to hear that the participants were ready to get arrested if they were held guilty for civil disobedience if the court did not overturn the ban.

According to the records, in May 2008, California Supreme Court had ruled that they would protect same sex marriage, which made the state the second state after Massachusetts to legalize same sex marriage. However, opponents of the Proposition 8 ruling appealed to the court to overturn the ballot measure. They contended that only a two third majority could pass the amendment.

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