Passengers disclose the most dreaded flight-attendant traits

June 11th, 2009 - 4:46 pm ICT by ANI  

Melbourne, June 11 (ANI): After flight attendants revealed the most annoying habits among passengers, regular air-travellers have now turned the tables by speaking about things they hate about flight attendants.

From flirting with male passengers to bumping people with trolleys, passengers have revealed the most dreaded traits of flight attendants.

And passengers’ rants include:

You ignore female passengers and spend the entire trip flirting with the men.

“One thing that annoys me is how flight attendants target men with their big red lips and tight clothes. Us females don’t even get a hello,” quoted a Sydney passenger as saying.

You bump passengers as you walk down the aisle or spill drinks, and don’t apologise.

“I don’t like it when the flight attendants are careless with the cart, ramming it into the seats. I especially don’t like when very overweight flight attendants hit every aisle seat on their pinball trek down the plane aisle,” said another passenger.

You wake sleeping travellers to try and sell them things.

You refuse to help people get their luggage into the overhead storage compartments.

You make passengers wait too long for drinks or food and you don’t clean up the meals quick enough.

“It’s quite annoying when one side of the plane has already finished their food and had two rounds of drinks and your side still hasn’t had anything. Then when the food trolley finally arrives there is usually only the manky cold second choice left,” said Andy of Sydney.

You resent being asked to help, and it shows.

You let children run riot on the plane.

You tell people to turn their iPods off.

“I hate it when they tell me to turn the iPod off so it doesn’t interfere with their equipment - what would an iPod have anything to do with their equipment?” said Georgio Mendez of Rooty Hill.

You disappear when people need you and don’t come when you’re buzzed.

You’re rigid with the rules when some leeway could be given. (ANI)

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