Panicky parents breeding a generation of cotton wool kids

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Melbourne, May 17 (ANI): Modern parents are bringing up a generation of cotton wool kids, with most of the kids losing even basic survival skills, warns a senior child guardian.

NSW Commissioner for Children and Young People Gillian Calvert revealed that todays parents are so fanatical on keeping their children safe that the kids are growing into nervous adults without acquiring basic survival skills along the way.

“Over the past 10 years we have seen a real reduction in the range at which children can leave their family home and move freely,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Calvert, as saying.

“Kids tell us they can’t ride their bikes around streets any more,” she added.

Kids are gradually loosing out on simple skills such as bike riding, climbing trees and even just crossing the road.

Doctors also insist that overprotection is increasing anxiety disorders in very young, while reducing play is denying children motor skills.

“There are real concerns about reduced play opportunities,” said Dr Carolyn Broderick, university’s Sports Medicine Unit director.

“Fundamental motor skills are developed through play as well as balance co-ordination and strength. And a lot of play equipment has gone from parks because of fear of litigation.

“Children now have a fear that wasn’t there in the past,” Broderick added.

Broderick also said that that the study showed a substantial drop in free play time and a quarter of parents were actually discouraging their children from playing sport because of fear of injury.

The research in state schools found international events such as terrorist attacks were making children feel insecure.

“Some children expressed fear of global threats such as war and terrorism and had a general insecurity about their own future and their community’s,” said Calvert.

“These concerns meant they lived life in a restrictive, guarded way, either as a result of restrictions imposed by others or themselves,” she added.

Child expert Robyn Monro Miller warned that fearful children are likely grow into fearful adults. (ANI)

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