Nine outfits and accessories women love, but men hate

June 3rd, 2010 - 3:45 pm ICT by IANS  

London, June 3 (IANS) Trying to impress a man? Then don’t wear harem pants, jump suits and gladiator sandals, however trendy you might think they are, because men just can’t stand them.
A survey for the website MSN reveals nine of the season’s most popular garments and accessories as total turn-offs, reports

Writer Liz Jones lists the nine items:

Harem Pants: These were first seen on the catwalk at Yves Saint Laurent three years ago, and have been churned out by every high street label since. Men hate them. They scream fashion victim.

Jumpsuits: Now that the jumpsuit playsuit or romper has become ubiquitous, women spend even longer in the bathroom wrestling with these garments. They make women look shapeless. As one man said: “They’re the ultimate in women-dressing-for-other-women. Confusing and overly clever. At best you look like a toddler, at worst like my mum in the Seventies.”

Headbands: Men dislike anything like scrunchies, slides, fascinators and hairspray in their women’s hair. They like to be able to run their fingers through squeaky clean locks without impediment.

Ugg Boots: This Antipodean foot wear has seeped into every social occasion. No matter how hot the summer party or muddy the festival field, young women have their feet swathed in sweaty sheepskin. “There is no toe cleavage, no ankle. They smell pretty bad, too,” said a young man.

Gladiator Sandals: Men simply detest these - they take ages to put on and take off, and they leave horrible red welts. With so many straps creeping up our legs, they make women appear short, too.

Tuxedos: Women think they look great in a tux, but men don’t like it.

Leggings: The problem with leggings, one man said, is that there is no mystery. Every contour is revealed. Another guy complained saying that too many women wear them irrespective of their shape. “Even Cheryl Cole shouldn’t wear leggings,” said a guy.

Dungarees: Who wants a woman who resembles a builder? Or who hides her figure behind a heavy sail-cloth of hard, nasty denim?

Oversized Sunglasses: Men feel that women shouldn’t hide their eyes behind oversized sunglasses. A guy said: “A woman’s best assets are her eyes. Why hide them?”

Another one said: “It’s not just the darkness of these overpriced bug shades that worries men, it’s the sheer size. ‘You can never kiss a woman wearing a pair.”

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