It’s Barbie’s Birthday Today!

March 9th, 2009 - 8:40 pm ICT by GD  

Barbie Doll Barbie celebrates her fiftieth birthday today and looks the ageless perfection she was the day she entered our lives half a century ago. With her perky chest and wasp-like waist, mile long legs and gorgeous styling she entered the life of little girls way back in 1959 wearing a black and white striped swimsuit, and the next morning she was already on her way to becoming a pop icon.

Millions of Barbies have been sold still. She appeared on the news, in magazines, on TV, and has juggled numerous careers with wearing haute couture. The manufacturers claim over ninety percent US girls have at least one Barbie doll.

But even with the facts rolled out, Barbie’s figure, her boyfriend and her clothes seems to still disturb adults. Barbie’s 36-24-36 is perceived as a wrong message to young girls who can be led to believe that to be accepted in social circles it is important to have a body like her doll’s. The exaggerated figure, it is argued, may force children to practice bad food habits to get a Barbie-like appearance, in spite of many children saying it does not even occur to them. So is it parental angst against a popular doll at it s extreme?

The other objection is with the idea that Barbie’s having a boyfriend can put wrong romantic images into a child’s mind. But manufacturers argue that with sitcoms on TV blaring images of love and sexuality, how does the Barbie doll alone make changes to the child’s psyche about sexuality and romantic love?

Barbie’s outfits also have come under attack too many times on grounds that it was not modest enough. The most recent controversy is a tattooed Barbie, which is again attacked for sending the wrong message to children. But the truth is, if a girl wants her Barbie, there is no stopping her. And it is perhaps this feverish passion of owning the doll that makes Barbie sit with her smile and beautifully shod feet as she celebrates her fiftieth today.

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