IT geek reveals his romp with Ronnie Wood’’s Russian temptress

July 19th, 2008 - 6:05 pm ICT by ANI  

London, July 19 (ANI): IT student Will Jones revealed that he had a fling with Ronnie Wood’’s Russian temptress, Ekaterina Ivanova, which left her asking for more.
Jones, 22, who is a Harry Potter look-alike, revealed on July 18 that the waitress had asked him for a drink at a London club, after which they had ended up snogging at his parents” house.
“I was a bit shocked - I”d only just met her. But that’’s Ekaterina all over. She’’s impetuous and spontaneous to the extreme,” the Sun quoted him as saying.
The student further revealed how Moscow-born Ekaterina pestered him to take her to his Brighton home when she fell for his schoolboy wizard looks at an indie music night in the capital called After School.
They hopped on the first train to the South Coast after she begged him.
“Let’’s have an adventure,” she said to him.
It was in the early hours when they got to his parents” house where their romp took place.
“It was 4am. Within a few hours we were back at my parents” house making love. I remember she was very cute and very sensitive in bed. She wasn”t really wild - it was very gentle,” Jones said.
The student blasted Wood for preying on the “naive” cocktail waitress.
“Ekaterina is the most beautiful, intelligent girl you could ever meet. But she’’s very innocent, almost childlike - and very vulnerable,” he insisted.
“She’’s desperate for a father figure and Ronnie’’s definitely taken advantage of her,” he said.
Jones” fling with Ivanova took place two years ago and lasted three months.
“At the time she was flitting from job to job in London,” he revealed.
“She wanted to see the world but didn”t have any real direction. She didn”t know what she wanted from life. Ekaterina is really bubbly and giggly. But she can be very serious at times too. I got the feeling she needed guidance.
“She had no money but was going out and getting hammered most nights in the week,” he stated.
Jones further admitted that even when he was dating Ivanova she was never shy about taking advantage of older men.
“When we went out she would flirt with older guys to get them to buy her drinks before just walking off,” he narrated.
“But when she got a job in a Covent Garden clothes shop it only lasted a few days because her boss - a much older guy - kept leering at her. It’’s all a bit ironic given what’’s happened with Ronnie,” he said.
He recalled how before his own affair with her “fizzled out” she one night insisted on watching the Disney movie Aladdin, and later described her as “a real indie girl”.
“We sat singing along to all the songs in the film. I thought then how childlike she was,” he said.
“All indie girls dream of dating someone in a band. Ronnie’’s in one of the biggest bands of all time,” he added.
Ivanova has stated that she loves rock guitarist Wood, while he on the other hand is trying to get back on good terms with his wife of 23-years. (ANI)

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