‘How To’ website gives tips on lying, kissing!

February 19th, 2010 - 3:26 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Feb 18 (ANI): How to tell if your house is haunted? How To Lie? How To Kiss? If you want answers to any of these quirky questions, you can get it online - thanks to new website ehow.com.

The site shares tips on some of these ‘How to do’ things, which may not be found anywhere else, reports the Daily Star.


1. Clean teeth and tongue with a toothbrush, or carry mints.

2. Lick your lips to moisten them. Tilt your head a little to one side. Your partner should shift their head to meet yours.

3. For a first kiss with someone, close your eyes. It will be more comfortable for both.

4. Make sure you breathe through your nose.”


1. Look out for temperature differences in a room. Ghosts are associated with cold spots.

2. Sometimes ghosts will move an item repeatedly. Put a chalk outline round it to check.

3. Record background noises. Ghost-hunters now believe in Electronic Voice Phenomenon - background noise that sounds like radio transmissions but is believed to be caused by ghosts. You may be able to hear it if you play back recordings.

4. Ghostly activity is often linked with changes in electromagnetic field. Use a compass to check. If the needle moves violently it shows dramatic disturbances in the position of magnetic north, a sign that ghosts may be present.

5. If all signs point to a ghost but you are not sure what to do, call in a professional.”


1. Never give much information. Keep it simple and short. A long, waffling story might raise suspicions.

2. Believe your own lie, as it will make it more natural to tell.

3. Look the person in the eye - but be careful not to stare.

4. Never forget your lie. Treat it like it really did happen. Think of plausible answers to questions people might ask.

5. If you get caught, be offensive instead of defensive. if you can’t get out of it, just act dumb. Pretend you don’t know what they are talking about.” (ANI)

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