Hi-tech gadgets forcing couples to sleep apart

March 7th, 2008 - 2:01 pm ICT by admin  

London, March 7 (ANI): BlackBerrys, hand-held games consoles and laptops are taking a toll on the sex lives of British couples, according to a new research.

The Sleep Council, which conducted the study, found that a quarter of couples regularly sleep apart as British bedrooms increasingly go hi-tech.

The study also found that nine per cent of couples always slept alone while a further 16 per cent went to separate beds at least once a month.

The poll of 1,400 Britons of all ages found that eight out of ten used at least one gadget before bedtime.

One in three made phone calls or sent emails in bed while one in five admitted to surfing networking websites such as Facebook, playing computer games or listening to a portable music player.

A further fifth checked social networking sites such as Facebook, play computer games or listen to MP3 players.

The study also showed that one-fifth of those questioned charged an electrical appliance, such as a mobile phone, before turning off the lights.

On the contrary, the researchers said that just a tenth made the time to say their prayers.

“With our 24/7 society and internet access, mobile phones, Black-Berrys and the like, bedtime routines are becoming ever busier. They are driving couples’ bedtimes and even their bedrooms apart, the Telegraph quoted Jessica Alexander of the Sleep Council, as saying.

“Young people, in particular, are more confident about telling their partner they don’t want to be disturbed by them watching TV, checking Facebook or shopping online in bed.

“They will say they would rather have a good night’s sleep on their own and that separate beds does not automatically mean that the relationship is falling apart, she added. (ANI)

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