Gangajal fallout sees Karachites taking law into their own hands

May 20th, 2008 - 2:48 pm ICT by admin  

Karachi , May 20 (ANI): With the recent increase in the incidents of people setting robbers afire publicly or beating them to death, it is believed that Bollywood film Gangajal has cast a long lasting impression on the Pakistani populace.

The spurt in incidents where people took law into their own hands has taken aback the law enforcing authorities, who are reportedly baffled how to stop the trend.

Instead of handing over the robbers to the law enforcers for justice, people prefer to teach them a lesson themselves, torturing and eventually setting them afire in broad day light, ignoring all social, religious and judicial aspects of the barbaric act, much like the end of film Gangajal when the main actor Ajay Devgan kills local politico-goon by drowning him into river Ganga.

Litterateurs feel that the outburst from among the people is a result of frustration which crept into them after seeing that there was no change in system even after a democratic government assumed office in Islamabad .

This is an outcome of violent movies, especially Bollywood ones, and videogames. People, consciously and unconsciously, learn how to torture people, besides becoming dead from inside, feeling no pain or empathy for others. The media, political leaders and every responsible citizen and member of the civil society needs to discourage this trend. It is against humanity. No law, religion or society, supports this barbaric act. It is very dangerous, and if it is adopted regularly, as is being seen, there is no extent to the damage it can do to society, the Daily Times quoted University of Karachi (KU) Chairman of Sociology Fateh Muhammad Burfat, as saying.

He said violence perpetuates violence. These are extra judicial killings. If the people take law into their hands, then the whole constitution will be in perils. No body will care about the law and the law of the jungle will prevail. After the February 18 elections, the people increased their expectations. When high expectations are not met it leads to frustration. People need the solutions to their problems on an urgent basis. This is why citizens are taking the law into their own hands. Frustration over poverty, unemployment, political instability and the growing income gap is coming to the surface, added Burfat.

He further said: I have also been a victim of street crime twice, but I do not support such treatment of the robbers. The police should realize their role otherwise they can also be the victim of an angry mob. I condemn this trend and appeal to responsible citizens to come forward and convince others of how wrong this is. (ANI)

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