eCreamery: Ice Cream Made To Order

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eCreamery is an Illinois based company that was was initially part of a Chicage store in 2000. It is now a large corporation with over 20 years of experience in the ice cream industry. It sells ice cream in flavors that are entirely custom designed by the customers.

The customers at eCreamery begin by choosing how creamy the ice cream base will be. They can choose from 8% milk fat, Italian-style gelato base, “gourmet” 12% milk fat, or “super creamy” 14% milk fat to decide on the creaminess of the ice cream base.

Then eCreamery provides a very extensive list of flavours and the customer can choose two of these to be blended into the base, and then one or more toppings to be folded in at the end. Besides the usual Almond Joy, Banana Foster, Green Tea and Doug’s Happy Hour, which has a mix of premium stout ice beer and pretzels, it offers ice cream in Anise, Cardamom, Cantaloupe, Chocolate Merlot, Clove, Cola, Cucumber, Durian, Hot Pepper, Maiz, Ube (purple yam), and Avocado flavors. Bacon, cheddar cheese pieces and wasabi peas are also popular ingredients. Other pre-fabricated flavors include Avocado Coconut, Cucumber Dill Weed, Queso (cheddar cheese and vanilla), and Hot ‘n’ Sour.

All the ice creams are available online. Each order is made in a batch of a gallon and a single flavor ice cream costs $80 plus shipping charges. A second flavor will burn another $10 hole in your pocket and each topping will add $5 or more. Express shipping charges may set you back by another $60, and the whole two-topping one gallon ice cream will cost you around $160.

The best part? You can name the ice cream anything you want.

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