Cookie Diet- lose weight by eating

January 29th, 2009 - 12:57 pm ICT by Bupha Ravirot  

It is claimed to be special cookie that helps you lose weight rapidly while you can still eat your favorite foods and sweets.

When you expect to stop eating your favorite foods and start forcing yourself to replace them with healthy foods that do not taste good. It seem to be really difficult and undesirable. This act of starving the body will eventually backfire for every person on a diet because it creates a mental lack that your body will eventually try and fix by gorging.

With the cookie diet, it helps you to avoid the starving process. It is a diet process where you can enjoy sweet and delicious foods, but you can still lose weight in the same time.

The cookie diet was created in 1975 by Dr. Sanford Siegel as a way to help people curb their appetite while still satisfying cravings in the process. The cookies contain a combination of vegetable proteins, dairy proteins, wheat, soy, and other nutritional ingredients than help feed your body but also fill you up so that you don’t overeat. The cookies contain a mixed-blend proprietary recipe full of healthy amino acids and have helped over 500,000 lose weight since 1975.

Consuming 6 diet cookies daily, it works as a satisfaction for you to crave for other sweet foods while the cookie itself providing beneficial nutrition in the process. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscles and proteins.

Stop the self-starving process and consider to consider the cookie diet.

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