Cookie Diet: Cookies In, Calories Out!

March 18th, 2009 - 10:55 pm ICT by GD  

Cookie Diet People today are resorting to different means to shed those extra pounds. Whether it requires buying expensive exercise equipments or diet pills, they are very willing to go that extra mile to lose weight. However, the problem lies in the way it is done. People want a miracle, which is why they fall prey to gimmicks that promise quick weight loss with amazing results on their waist lines. Cookie diet seems to be just one among them.

Cookie diet is one of the fad diets that people are resorting to, in an attempt to lose weight fast. It is said that cookies suppress your appetite. The diet claims that the amino acids present in the cookies can control hunger.

The cookie diet requires one to consume 6 cookies instead of lunch and dinner and then have a normal dinner. The total calorie intake is said to be around 800 calories. Dr Sanford Siegal was the creator of the original cookie diet. During the 1980s, doctors all over the world started prescribing this diet to their patients to lose weight. Later, soups and shakes also formed a part of the diet, since they too contained amino acids that curbs hunger. The cookie diet gained a lot of popularity when the Hollywood stars started adopting this diet to lose weight.

However, one should remember that instead these diets only have a short term effect and can also prove to be unhealthy. A healthier option would be to resort to a healthy eating lifestyle, reducing the calorie intake in your everyday food and by introducing proper exercises in your daily regime.

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