A karmic love story that begins and ends with India

February 28th, 2012 - 1:36 pm ICT by IANS  

New Delhi, Feb 28 (IANS) A bit of India, ancient scriptures, Irish and Scottish myths, reincarnation, metaphysics and the common wisdom of pagan faiths that programmed the lives of pre-Christian people - all these constitute the spice of emerging British spiritual author A.K. Luthienne’s new novel, “The Secret Quest”, a love story.

The Britain-based writer, who is here to release her book (published by Shree Book Centre and Ether Earth) Feb 29 and attend the World Book Fair in the capital, is an international transformation guru whose life changed after a series of profound spiritual experiences.

“The Secret Quest” is the last of a trilogy which is being adapted into a movie, likely to be directed by Ridley Scott, the writer said.

Luthienne, a mother of three, threw up her life of affluence and walked out of her unhappy marriage after she claimed “to have connected with a prophet-king from another time through a silver signet ring that she purchased a few years ago.”

“The ring which had inscriptions in an ancient language, Ogham, took me to Ireland, Scotland and to ancient Irish manuscripts, written by a wise king and the Book of Calles, one of the oldest illuminated manuscripts at the Trinity College in Dublin,” Luthienne said.

The Ogham script is connected to Ogma, a pre-Christian Irish king known as the two-hearted demon belonging to a line of sun-worshippers.

“I started getting past life flashes and saw the man who created the script. He was Magus — a wise man for whom I worked as an apprentice, the mage. I was someone else in that life and we were about to perform a pagan ritual together when something tore us apart,” Luthienne said.

It was the beginning of the writer’s journey across lifetimes and a quest to reconnect to Magus. She became Ahqulieah or the alchemist.

The experience drove Luthienne to write. “Once Magus started transmitting his teachings to me, I became a writer. One night, I woke up at 11.11 p.m. and wrote my experiences throughout the night. When I dropped my pen, it was 5.55 a.m.,” she recalled.

That was the beginning of the first of the “Sacred Quest” trilogy in 2007.

Luthienne said the ancient cultures and religions of the Irish and the Scottish people were similar to the pre-Vedic cultures in the Indian subcontinent because “once upon a time, India, Asia, Africa and Europe were part of the same landmass.”

“In Ireland, the pagan faith was almost like the ancient Indian and African religions. India is the beginning and the end of this book — and also of the trilogy. The wisdom of the Magus and his eagle (the emblem which he draws in the visions that I see) can trace their roots to India. Magus could be Indian,” she said.

The writer who has been to Kerala and Auroville near Puducherry has been inspired by the Vedas and kundalini yoga.

“The lesson that I want to impart to readers is to oneself and follow one’s heart and destiny,” the writer said.

The essence of the supernatural romance is captured in two lines with which Luthienne begins the novel, “A man can fly where he will if he rides the back of an eagle.”

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