600-gram hair found in stomach of 12-year-old girl

June 17th, 2008 - 4:40 pm ICT by ANI  

Bikaner, June 17 (ANI): Doctors found a 600-gram lump of hair inside the stomach of a 12-year-old Kausar Parveen from Bikaner after her family asked for a check up on complains about stomach ache.

According to the doctor, this was a rare case in the world.

Parveen, who was in a critical situation, has pledged not to eat hair again in life.

“I have been eating hair for the past seven years because I liked it. It was my habit but I won’t eat it again,” said Parveen.

Doctor Tanveer Malavat said, “The hair got collected in the food bag of her stomach. The quantity of consuming hair rose gradually with time. In medical terms, it is called as trichobezoar and such cases are rarely reported in the world. Kausar Parveen is the only example to have consumed hair in such a large quantity.”

Her family members were fed up of this habit of her’s and despite several warnings, she did not deter. Kausar used to lock herself inside a room and used to eat hair, said Moinuddin, Kausar’s uncle.

“She used to hide from us and eat hair. One day she had a pain in her stomach and we took her to Doctor Tanveer. He told us to get her operated after seeing a lump of hair in her X ray. Nobody could believe she had so much of hair inside her stomach,” he added.

Kausar’s mother has now preserved the lump of hairs and hopes that her daughter never repeats such a deadly act again. (ANI)

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