Smoking in public spaces banned in India

October 4th, 2008 - 1:57 pm ICT by Bupha Ravirot  

India announced Thursday smoking in public place is banned due to the increasing death rate of population caused by smoking.

The ban includes offices and restaurants, schools and colleges, pubs and discotheques, hospitals and bus stops. Offenders will be fined 200 rupees ($4). On average, a packet of cigarettes costs around 50 rupees.

The first day of ban only 80 people found smoking in public places, but it does not seem like the ban’s going to stop anyone from lighting up.

Ban of smoking was the government’s second try in four years and came on the occasion of the birthday of India’s independence leader, Mohandas Gandhi, who did not smoke or drink.

While the past ban spitting and urinating in public in India have drawn little success.

Of course the non-smokers are happy about the new rules but those who smoke say a lack of smoking rooms mean they would be deprived of a stress-busting puff in offices and other public places.

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