Siliguri backlash was caused by non-permission of rally at Naxalbari

June 17th, 2008 - 3:29 pm ICT by admin  

By Mr.D.B.Rai
The movement of Gorkhaland has flared up again. At first Hillman’s Association raised the demand in 1907 since then the movement has come a long way. Now Gorkha Janamukti Morcha President Bimal Gurung has said the movement will be completely based on democratic and non-violent principle. Unlike Ghising who had led gory movement in 80’s, Mr. Gurung says this is the age of computer and knowledge. The age of Khukuris and guns has gone.

So far the movement is going non-violently and in democratic way. GJMM has resorted to hunger strike to press their demand to the government. They are also holding many public gatherings in different places to air their views and demands.

But in Terai, i.e., at Naxalbari, outskirt of Siliguri, GJMM is not allowed to hold the meeting. Earlier, some month back GJMM was also not allowed to hold meeting at Baghajatin Park in Siliguri. But in protest of this decision GJMM supporters started sitting in hunger strike. Finally, state government granted the permission at Indira Gandhi Maidan where more than four lakh people had gathered in.

Now GJMM has asked permission to hold meeting at Naxalbari. But the administration is denying for it stating that the meeting of GJMM would create communal disharmony and unrest.

The constitution of India, however, has provided right to expression and right to gathering in a meeting peacefully for its citizens and the duty to ensure these rights for these citizens lies on the government. So, not giving permission is tantamount to deprive the people from these rights. The decision of the administration is criticized by political parties also. Mr. Smritish Bhattarchary, Forward Bloc District Secretary is of the view that GJMM should not be restricted to hold the meeting. “It is a democratic party recognized by election commission of India. They should have been allowed to hold the rally. The way things are going on, it will take turn towards the worse in the war of future.”(Times of India, June,10, 2008), he said. CPI (ML) liberation has also criticized the attitude of the state government of not allowing holding rally and termed it as undemocratic. Therefore, the flashpoint of the present turmoil that took place in Siliguri and Dooars is denying permission from Administration to hold meeting at Naxalbari.

CPM who never feels tired as saying it follows Democratic policy literally. Even it comes forward to speak for other countries where democracy is suppressing. For example, sometime back CPM politburo member Sitaram Yechuri had gone to Nepal to resolve the Maoist crisis and to restore democracy. It also actively supported Vietnam War being sided with Vietnamese people and condemned US for the suppression of human rights and democracy. It is just as well, CPM speaks even for other countries for the democracy but they should know before speaking for other they themselves must follow the policy.

Communist is the first force that always comes fore front for the up liftment of the backward and tribal people. They had fought for the poor peasants of India by doing Tebhaga movement in South India; they fought for the backward people of Russia that is why communist leader V.I.Lenin had propagated the theory right to self determination. According to this theory people have right to be separated from the state if they fell uncomfortable. He had compared it like the right to divorce of women. But unfortunately CPM instead of up liftment of the backward and suppressed class they are suppressing even the fundamental right, the right to expression and right to holding meeting. West Bengal government should realize the situation before it goes out of the control. Otherwise, CPM government would never get away with from Gorkha people.
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