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By Juhan Samuel

Kayamkullam (Kerala), Jan 24 (ANI): A 24-year-old boy from Kerala has invented a wireless and mobile voting machine to reach out to the remotest corners of the country.

Gireeshan M G, a first year student of Msc. Electronics at the Institute for Human Resource Development (IHRD), Mallapally in Tiruvalla College has keen been a maniac for electronics enthusiast. He has been trying various inventions at his house in Kayamkullam.
As the elections in the Himalayan region and North Eastern states are round the corner his invention could prove helpful.

In 2006 at the time of Kerala elections, he saw the whole district facing problems like booth capturing and other malpractices. That was the time when he thought of making a wireless and mobile voting machine of his own.

With just 2000 rupees in hand he succeeded in creating a working electronic device.

Initially he made a voting machine of the same kind, which is being used by the government currently. Later he fitted it with wireless components to be used from 100 meters and even through mobile phones.

The machine works on an embedded system with a touch pad and a memory unit kept at the main office, the machine can be used for normal voting and mobile voting also.

The mobile users have to dial a designated phone number and follow the instructions using a password already provided.

Recently Gireeshan has sent a working model to the Election Commission of the State. It has been forwarded it to the Central Election Commission for necessary approvals.

Gireeshan says his machine is helpful for the people living abroad or who are on move constantly as they can cast their votes using this machine with the help of a mobile phone and password. But his main concern is its patent rights for which he requires a huge amount.

“My machine can be used for casting votes by the persons traveling or living in foreign countries with the help of a mobile system and a given password. But my main concern is the patent rights for which I have to deposit 5000 rupees for every single component or system used in machine and that comes to a big amount,” said Gireeshan.

The machine is very useful and can be used for infinite users with very high security, as the main memory unit will be kept with the Central office, which makes the booth capturing virtually impossible.

Instant results can be gathered by using this remote machine at the main office.

He has already sent the working documents of the machine to the former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who congratulated him for his invention and now his ultimate dream is to meet Dr. Kalam and show him the machine and its working model. (ANI)

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