When Mumbais Dabbawallas learnt how to be happy despite stress

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Mumbai, Feb.24 (ANI): Mumbai’s famed Dabbawallas, known for their quality and on time service to hundreds of thousands of people across the city, recently took lessons on how to stay cheerful and spread happiness despite strenuous schedule to meet deadlines.
The Dabbawallas (or, the Tiffin box carriers) were given tips to cope up with their stress on work during a special stress-busting camp organized here by the Priyadarshini Laughter Club International.
The special camp was a part of an initiative to enable people in Mumbai to keep smiling despite stress of daily life.
“They (Dabbawallas) connect with lakhs of people of Mumbai. The moment they spread the message, my message will reach everywhere. Just as a bus conductor and a driver, if they know the thing, they’ll spread it. The whole Mumbai will know this. These are one of the instruments (to cope stress) and also learn how to be healthy through this therapy,” said Kishore Kuvavala, Chairman of the Priyadarshani Laughter Club International.
The club believes that laughter is the best medicine for easing tension and stress which are an integral part of competitive lifestyle. And, as the Dabbawallas meet several people in the city, they can a great help to enable a large number of other people relieve their stress.
Earlier, the club had organised a similar laughter camp for drivers and conductors in the city.
The special laughter camp offered a gala time to all the Dabbawallas.
“The interesting thing is that they have come together and everybody has supported us. The laughter therapy reduces the tension. Staying under constant stress can lead to accident or even death if we remain happy, we will not face such problems,” said Sopan Mare, one of the members of Brihamumbai Dabbewala Association.
Apart from helping to relax, laughter therapy also increases oxygen intake in the body. Several benefits of laughter therapy have been medically proved.
It helps reduce stress, which in turn reduces blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes etc.
A large number of men loaded with lunch-boxes squeeze through a rush of people on Mumbais local trains before they dart out into the city’s sweltering heat to handover those lunch boxes to a huge brigade of delivery boys in wait.
These carriers then load the boxes on their bicycles and hand-carts and deliver at offices across the bustling metropolis as part of the world’s largest food relay system.
There are nearly 5,000 Dabbawallas to cater to the needs of people in Mumbai with Tiffin service. The job involves meeting deadlines to deliver food on time from 8.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m.
They have to carry Tiffin boxes from home to office and back home and even collecting Tiffin’s from restaurants that provide home-cooked food.
Mumbai city has one of the oldest and biggest meals-on-wheels systems in the world dating back to 1850.

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