We voted ”because of the hate of our own leaders” (Part III)

November 24th, 2008 - 4:20 pm ICT by ANI  

In view of many analysts, they oppose elections for two reasons: rewards from Pakistani agencies for doing this; and fear that if they took part in fair and impartial elections, they will lose their seats, hence fully exposed before everyone. They would like to take part in kind of elections which are held in Pakistani-administered Kashmir where outcome is decided in favour of the higher bidder.

At the time of elections in 2002, I had a meeting with the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office officials, and pleaded that the APHC (All Party Huriyat Conference) leaders could possibly win the elections. I was told that in their judgement and in light of reports they have, there was no way they could win elections. And that if these leaders had even 50-50 chance of winning, they would have opted to participate in the elections.

They further said if they were so sure about their popularity, the best way was to take part in elections, and then speak with authority, as Sein Fin leaders used to do they used to take part in elections in Northern Ireland and after winning their seats, they would refuse to come to Westminster.

In other words resentment against India or against certain issues does not mean support for these leaders, who after 20 years of blood, killings, rapes, custodial deaths and destruction, still don”t know what they want to achieve.

They still have no strategy on solution of the Kashmir dispute. Still they are not sure, if they want some kind of accession or become independent. Some of them are happy with the status quo; others cannot tell the difference between right of self-determination and right of accession, which is available to people of the State under the UN resolutions.

It is because of this confusion they keep on demanding on implementation of the UN

In view of the confusion these leaders have, and because of their egoist approach and lack of sincerity, majority of the people of Jammu and Kashmir don”t see them fit to lead a forcibly divided nation of Jammu and Kashmir.

The present turnout should also be seen as a protest vote against policies of Pakistani governments. Kashmiri youths see Pakistan’’s Kashmir policy changing like weather changes in England.

Kashmiri youths are annoyed with continued proxy war, proxy politics, forced division and subjugation; and want to make their wishes known. (ANI)

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