We voted ”because of the hate of our own leaders” (Part-I)

November 24th, 2008 - 4:13 pm ICT by ANI  

By Dr. Shabir Choudhry

London, Nov.24 (ANI): Second phase of elections in the Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir have finished with astonishing outcomes. If we look at the Pakistani media or views of those who support Pakistan,irrespective of what they have done to the Kashmir dispute, we find that there has been a total boycott of elections and that the Indian Army has only one mission and that is to kill innocent people.

But when we look at other media and speak directly to people on ground, a totally different picture emerges, which shows that some members of thePakistani media and their puppets have only one mission; to tell lies and hide facts from people, as they have been hiding facts from their own people regarding matters directly related to Pakistan and its security.

According to BBC representative Altaf Hussain, he has not seen such long queues for any voting in the past. And despite cold weather, people have come out in thousands to vote.

In his report, filed on November 23, 2008, Altaf showed long lines of people standing outside polling stations.

According to BBC, turnout in today’’s voting was 65%, however voting in
Noshera and in Kalakote was 70% and 73% respectively.

Another interesting aspect of this election is the attitude of young people, who have openly defied calls for boycott and used their democratic right to vote. People see
this as a protest vote against pro-Pakistan leaders who used the Kashmiri struggle to feather their own nests.

In this regard this, a member of Al Fatah Force wrote from Bandipora: Our leaders Geelani Sahib, Mirwaiz Sahib, Yasin Malik, Javed Mir and others had appealed earlier that people should stay away from these elections but we want to tell them that our people voted not because of the love of pro-Indian leaders but because of the hate of our own leaders.

These so called pro-movement leaders make huge property on the blood of our martyrs, especially on the sacrifices of our common Mujahideen. We will not raise our fingers on other leaders. Take the example of our own Ameer Mohammad Farooq Rehmani. This lucky man is from Bandipora but for the past 15 years enjoys a luxurious life in Pakistan. Many mujahideen of our party are married now but we have no money and no future of our children. Rehmani spent more than rupees 1200,000 (1.2 million rupees) for the wedding of his son in Pakistan while our brothers are denied even the life saving drugs from his office. We are treated as slaves, how can we stop our brothers and sisters from taking part in the elections”. (Author of this statement could be reached on this email:

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