US-Pak tensions only fuelling anti-American sentiment among the Pakistanis

September 30th, 2008 - 3:46 pm ICT by ANI  


Washington, Sept 30 (ANI): The prevailing tensions between the US and Pakistan troops along the Pak-Afghan border are only fuelling anti-American sentiment among the Pakistani population, besides causing confusion within the ranks of the Pakistani military about the primary threat to the country, says Lisa Curtis of the Heritage Foundation.

Lisa writes in a commentary that the coalition military strategy must preserve the ability of military forces to defend themselves, and defeat Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Curtis writes that the US may need to continue to rely on unilateral military action in the Pakistan s Tribal Areas to protect its troops fighting across the border in Afghanistan as well as to prevent a potential future catastrophic international terrorist attack, reported the Daily Times.

However, the US must carefully calibrate its military action, recognising that each unilateral strike, especially if it involves civilian casualties, undermines US broader goals of garnering co-operation from Pakistani leaders and preventing the strengthening of radical forces within the Pakistani society.

Besides, this strategy must promote co-operation with Pakistan to jointly address trans-national terrorist threats in the region, and the US must proactively support a comprehensive regional strategy that enhances co-operation between Afghanistan and Pakistan .

According to Lisa , US strikes have helped eliminate key terrorist targets and were likely to have disrupted the terrorists ability to plan, train for, and conduct lethal operations against the coalition forces and Afghan civilians.

Military co-operation between Islamabad and Washington must remain strong and retain trust to ensure accurate intelligence sharing that is so critical to defeating terrorist threats, she wrote and added that the US and Pakistan must close the gap that Al Qaeda was attempting to wedge between them and engage in direct and respectful dialogue that seeks to address each sides core concerns, she writes.

She suggests that Pakistan must demonstrate more clearly that it was taking steps to uproot the terrorist safe haven in the Tribal Areas, while the US must be willing to address Pakistan s concerns regarding the situation inside Afghanistan . (ANI)

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