US media see Obamas landslide win best chance to improve Americas image

November 5th, 2008 - 2:21 pm ICT by ANI  

Barack Obama

New York , Nov 5 (ANI): The US media have pinned hopes from the new President Barack Obama, saying he won the poll simply because he was the better of the two candidates, which was proved by his life full of struggle and perseverance.

The papers talked about issues which the present incumbent George Bush couldnt resolve or neglected altogether.

In an editorial penned minutes after the results were declared, The Los Angeles Times said that Obama should be able to repair the damage inflicted by the so-called war on terror, which has alienated the United States from many friends.

Obama will serve as president not of a race or a region but of a nation. He has demonstrated admirable gifts for leadership in his young life and in this long campaign. And as he assumes the office that the electorate has granted him, he has the opportunity to be the leader that our current president, too often, has not been. He must surmount the partisanship of the campaign, bridging the divides of party, as George W. Bush pledged to do but did not. He must repair the United States ” international relations and renew our ties to the multilateral organizations that President Bush neglected. He must repair the damage inflicted by the so-called war on terror, which has alienated the United States from many friends. Closing the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay , Cuba , would be a welcome and symbolic start, said the LA Times editorial.

The Washington Times said that Obama now had a chance to improve America s standing in the world. An editorial in the paper said: Mr. Obama cannot erase Mr. Bush’’s legacy, but he has a chance to improve America’’s standing in the world, ending such noxious practices as torture and indefinite detention with minimal review that have diminished this country in the eyes of its allies. He has the opportunity finally to set the country on a path to help reduce global warming. He has far-reaching plans on energy, health care and education, but also a realistic understanding that the state of the economy will delimit his ambitions.

When we endorsed Mr. Obama for president, we did not mention race, for the simple reason that race played no role in our decision; Mr. Obama was just the better of two good nominees, added the paper.

The New York Times talked about the problems Obama would have to attend to during his innings at the White House. The paper said: Mr. Obama also will have to rally sensible people to come up with immigration reform consistent with the values of a nation built by immigrants and refugees. There are many other urgent problems that must be addressed. Tens of millions of Americans lack health insurance, including some of the countrys most vulnerable citizens children of the working poor. Other Americans can barely pay for their insurance or are in danger of losing it along with their jobs. They must be protected.

Mr. Obama will now need the support of all Americans. Mr. McCain made an elegant concession speech Tuesday night in which he called on his followers not just to honor the vote, but to stand behind Mr. Obama. After a nasty, dispiriting campaign, he seemed on that stage to be the senator we long respected for his service to this country and his willingness to compromise. That is a start. The nations many challenges are beyond the reach of any one man, or any one political party, added an editorial in the paper. (ANI)

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