Underdog McCain accuses Obama of waging class warfare

October 17th, 2008 - 12:20 pm ICT by ANI  

Barack Obama

Washington, Oct 17 (ANI): Republican presidential nominee, who faces an uphill road to the White House, has said he loves where his campaign is and continued to hammer his Democratic rival Barack Obama for waging what he calls class warfare.

On the heels of the final presidential debate, polls suggest the race could be tightening, and even Obama warned his supporters on Thursday not to get cocky.

McCain told FOX News that undecided voters wont weigh in until the closing hours of the campaign — maybe the last couple hours — and that Americans are starting to appreciate the difference between the two candidates economic plans.

Am I the underdog? Of course. Do I love being the underdog? Of course, McCain said.

The economic turmoil of the past several weeks seems to only have helped Obama, who polls show is more trusted to handle the crisis than McCain.

But McCain continued to point to a voter whos become known as Joe the Plumber as a symbol of the damage he says Obamas economic policies could do.

Its class warfare, McCain said. Thats really what it says, that were going to take money from people who create jobs, as Joe would … rather than let you keep it and hire more people and create more jobs.

Joe Wurzelbacher was videotaped over the weekend complaining to Obama that his tax policies would hurt him and his plans to buy a plumbing business.

Obama told him he wants to spread the wealth around, though he still wants to encourage small businesses to create jobs

Wurzelbacher was mentioned more than two-dozen times at Wednesdays presidential debate.

McCain said he was going to call Joe the Plumber, and that I think were going to be spending some time together.

McCain also stood by his declaration at the debate that he is not President Bush, and if Obama wanted to run against Bush he should have done so in 2004.

Obamas lead in the Gallup daily tracking poll, which recently had him ahead by 11 points, narrowed to 6 points on Thursday.

Pointing to his Democratic primary loss to Hillary Clinton in the Granite State, Obama warned his supporters to stay vigilant in the closing weeks of the campaign. (ANI)

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