Tribal areas in Pakistan are a breeding ground for Taliban activity

December 8th, 2008 - 2:33 pm ICT by ANI  


Peshwar, Dec.8 (ANI): The lawless tribal belt of Pakistan has certainly developed into a breeding ground for the militants of Taliban.
The tribal areas are creating mayhem in their own country, Pakistan as well as Afghanistan and other parts of the world.
Only those who sympathise with the perpetrators or have been blinded by patriotism can deny such hub of the violence in the area.
These areas are serving as the origin point of terrorism which is prevalent around the world.
The prime factors for the up rise of the so called jihad in the region are unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and ignorance and US foreign policy.
However, there is a difference between militancy and terrorism.
When Pakistani Taliban hit military targets in their battle against the state, they can be described as militants or even insurgents.
But when they start targeting innocent civilians in bazaars or mosques or any other place, they are terrorists and only terrorists.
The militarys push into the tribal belt has resulted in civilian casualties and these are naturally criticized by all.
But those who demand an end to military operations must see these holy warriors are killing civilians in the streets and not only military personals.
Rise in military operations in Peshawar and adjacent areas have hit the Taliban hard and finding themselves in a tight corner, they are now opting for softer targets. The strike on NATO parking lot and the car bomb explosion in Peshawar are testimony to this fact.
It is up to the police and the intelligence agencies now, to provide greater security to the citizens of the state. (ANI)

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