Three Eids in Pakistan

November 14th, 2007 - 2:17 am ICT by admin  
After the Saudi announcement, many parts of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) declared Eid on Friday. Some areas settled for Saturday, while the rest of the country observed Eid on Sunday.

The criticism against observing the function on three different days, was not an obsession with synchronicity, but the belief that fasting on Eid day is a cardinal sin. To say so, three Eids this year have ended up making many sinners as in the past, which was pointed out in an editorial in the Daily Times.

Pakistan’s top cleric Mufti Munibur Rehman first criticised the Saudi authorities for deciding the Eid day without any rules then declared Eid in Pakistan on Sunday.

The Saudis announced their Eid on Friday, which led to some Saudi-influenced mosques in London to declare it in unison, and some not so influenced declared it for Saturday.

This year Mufti Munibur Rehman was lucky not to have fallen victim to the wrath of his fellow-priests. Some years ago, when he insisted on the “rules of sighting” the moon, some ulema from the NWFP had roughed him up.

Muslim scientists have claimed again and again that they can give a mathematically perfect date of appearance of the Shawwal moon many years in advance.

They have said that Muslim calendars can actually lay down the Eid days accurately. But no one listens to them. The rule is to see the moon with the bare eye.

It is possible that Saudi Arabia has adopted the scientific method without admitting it. But Pakistan uses the weather bureau watch-points for the purpose. (ANI)

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