This is No terror attack-Bombay is Indias Kargil 2

November 29th, 2008 - 6:47 pm ICT by ANI  

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This is No terror attack-Bombay is Indias Kargil 2
By Prem Prakash
We, in India will never learn our lessons. This has been our tragedy from the day Prithvi Raj Chauhan allowed Mohammed Ghori to go away having defeated him in the battle field. Prithvi Raj was to regret the day and pay a heavy price for it.
The tragedy of todays India is somewhat similiar. Pakistan attacked Kashmir by sending in so called tribals in 1947. We accepted that even though Pakistan itself was later to acknowledge the presence of its regular army in Kashmir. Then came the attack in 1965, again Pakistani regulars sent in civilian clothes. We let them get away from Simla with all they wanted-hoping to make friends with them!
Then came the proxy war - the cross border terrorism. When all that failed Pakistan once again mounted its usual ploy sending in regulars in civilian clothes in Kargil.
Kargil was also a major disaster for Indias intelligence services as also for the police forces. Kargil showcased the terrible governance that India had. It was the supreme sacrifice of our forces that saved the day for India and the enemy had to suffer yet another defeat and humiliation.
Pakistan is too used to such defeats and humiliations from India. But the biggest shock that Pakistan has suffered is the fact that inspite of Pakistan trying to bleed India to the maximum, this country emerged as a regional power both economically and militarily. Pakistan, a failed state, has never been able to digest that.
Several analysts had warned India that Pakistan could hurt Bombay, because to them Bombay represents Indias economic might. Did any one in Indias establishment take note of that? To any India watcher it was clear that random attacks of terrorism such as bomb explosions were not hurting India. The divisive Indian politicians had turned those attacks into vote bank issues.
What we have witnessed in Bombay is the most professionally carried out commando attack on Indias financial capital. It is nothing short of Pearl Harbourplease do not compare it with 9/11. With little more planning, these commandos who attacked Mumbais iconic institutions, could well have even attacked Indias naval base in that city?
Once again what stares one in the face is the terrible manner in which India is governed today. What is the explanation for the manner in which these commandos were able to recce and stock up arms and ammunition in Mumbai well before the attack? What is the explanation that Indias intelligence services were not able to get any wind of how the enemy planned this attack and how these dare devil young commandos were trained and where? Let us not forget that the former President of Pakistan was always very proud of his commando background.
Who in India is to be held responsible for the huge loss of life and property suffered by the country? Who in India is to be held responsible for the huge damage caused to the countrys image and the ensuing losses which Indias trade and tourism will suffer? Is there any accountability for such failures in governance?
The politicians are once again trying to take away the credit that only belongs to Indias brave hearts that saved the city at huge sacrifice. So many of our brilliant officers and men have been lost. So many of our bright businessmen industrialists and executives and young trainees have been butchered by the enemy. Who is to be held responsible for this loss?
As long as India continues to pursue the policy of unilaterally seeking friendship with Pakistan, the mayhem will continue. We must come to grips with the reality that Pakistan is run even today by its army and that army has absolutely no desire of being friendly with India. It has a vested interest in carrying on its confrontation with India, albeit via proxy war or terrorism and now via commando attacks by men to be proclaimed terrorists.
What a sorry and sad display of rivalry was displayed when the countrys leader of Opposition failed to travel with the Prime Minister to at least present a unified face of India to her brave forces fighting the enemies of the nation in Mumbai? There can be no plausible explanation for such behaviour.
It remains a mystery as to who could have advised the Prime Minister to demand that Pakistans ISI Chief come calling and explain what his people are up to? Who ever expected that to happen was perhaps living in a make believe world. Even if he were to turn up, what purpose would it serve?
If India has clinching evidence that can prove that these commandos who attacked Mumbai via sea were trained and armed in Pakistan, then it is high time that India went to the world capitals and exposed Pakistan. That apart, if this evidence is as strong, then it high time that we gave up any pretence of building bridges with that country. We should concentrate on finding ways and means to destroy that capability of the enemy.
It is time that we have an open enquiry on the failures that led to this commando attack on Mumbai nay India. It is time that this open enquiry fixes responsibility and punishes the guilty. That is the only way we may be able to move ahead.
The tall talk by some of the government leaders that we do not need any help from abroad is absurd. We need expertise from our allies, be it the US or the UK or Israel. Even if we have to hire some of their men to build a foolproof mechanism for us to fight this menace, we should not shy away. We should pay for it and get the job done.
Today, in our history, a moment has come that is calling for this nation and its government to act swiftly and decisively. Any dithering or the attitude of chalta hai would only result in yet another attack Kargil 3 and that wont be easy to defend. Will the government and political establishment of India respond? (ANI)
New Delhi November 29. 2008

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