The very British stiff upper lip rules aboard the Royal Britannia revealed

July 21st, 2008 - 4:45 pm ICT by ANI  

London, July 21 (ANI): Staff members on board the Royal Yacht Britannia were required to address the Queen or Queen Mother as “Your Majesty” initially, but otherwise as Maam to rhyme with ham, according to a rulebook published by the British Ministry of Defence.
The 200-page Precedent Book entitled ”Commonwealth Personnel” also reveals that all other Royals were to be addressed as “Your Royal Highness”, and thereafter as “Sir” or “Ma”am”.
Servicemen with moustaches were deemed unsuitable to guard the Queen, say the documents.
“RCN personnel with moustaches may not be suitable for duties in the public limelight,” the Scotsman quoted the documents as stating.
The ban on hirsute upper lips, however, was eventually lifted.
“RCN carried out the duties of car door openers for the Royal Visit to Toronto in October 1991. There was no objection to the wearing of moustaches,” said the papers.
British mariners with the Royal Navy, however, were only permitted to be clean-shaven or have a “full set” of beard and moustache.
“The granting of a request to discontinue shaving will carry with it an automatic stoppage of leave for 14 days, the rules stated.
“At the end of this time the beard will be inspected and a further 14 days may be given. Should the beard still be untidy after 28 days the order to continue shaving will be given,” said the documents.
The crewmembers were to be “neither seen nor heard” near the Royal quarters, and were expected to wear soft-soled gym shoes to avoid disturbing the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.
“Royal Yachtsmen should neither be seen nor heard near the Royal Apartments. As far as possible spoken orders are to be avoided,
“It must be generally appreciated that even walking across the Royal Deck in gym shoes makes quite perceptible noise in the cabins below. Although there is plenty of fan noise in this area, thumps and bangs are distinctive and are easily transmitted along the deck, the document said.
The book even states that staff members were banned from whistling, jogging or smoking on deck.
People were urged to ensure that no female member of the Royal household ever overheard them swearing.
“Remember that there are ladies in the Household who are likely to go forward within earshot at the wrong moment,” the direction in the book said.
A section of the Precedent Book suggests that members of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) had to put on Royal Yacht cap ribbons and working dress during visits to North America.
Jogging on deck was also outlawed, though the Duke of Edinburgh did briefly permit it between 5pm and 6pm during his 1993 Caribbean tour.
The rules stated the Royal Yachtsmen could be discharged from service for a variety of infractions including: “Misconduct, drunkenness, other offences and venereal disease.”
Staff members were required to give a deferential nod when a member of the Royal family entered or left a room.
The records show that service in the Royal Yacht was confined to selected regular officers, and men of Her Majesty’’s Commonwealth Navies. (ANI)

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