The seven types of pub-goers revealed

September 23rd, 2008 - 5:29 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Sept 23 (ANI): Do you visit a pub just to gorge on the food? Or you like sitting on the bar stool thinking that you will be served alcohol much faster? Well, then you certainly fall in one of the seven categories of pub-goers - that have revealed following a survey.
The survey by Simply Yours wine group revealed seven types of pub-goers who frequent various alcohol joints.
Majority of the people make up the Menu Munchers, who are only there for the food, and constitute a big 31 percent of pub goers, revealed the survey.
One category is of typical diners, which will include a dad who probably works in sales and a stay-at-home mum who drives a Ford Focus.
There are also Table Edgers, which constitute the punters, who will happily invade your space if they find a spare seat nearby.
While Barstool Buddies is another type of boozers, but according to the survey, sitting at the bar doesn”t guarantee being served more quickly.
Other types include the pub Ladies, Quiz Machine Fanatics and Home From Homers, who regard the boozer as their second home.
“Almost everyone has their own different reason for being there, although you would never know from looking at someone which group they fall into,” The Daily Star quoted leisure analyst Stuart Grant, as saying.
Vicky Lee, from Simply Yours, claimed that the survey was meant to understand personality traits in pubs and bars.
She added: “There are very distinct types of customers and we wanted to know what makes them tick. I would say I am a Menu Muncher.”
The seven categories of pub-goers are:
1. Menu Munchers - 31pct - forget the bar, just looking for something to eat. 2. Ladies First - 22pct - quite likely to be hairdressers, beauticians or shop assistants who do not need the boys around to have a good time. 3. Barstool Buddies - 17pct - mostly men hanging out with their mates, often from the building and construction trade. 4. Table Edgers - 11pct - usually couples over 40 who hate standing up. 5. Corner Cocooners - 8pct - those who want privacy and snuggle up in corners with their partners or to hush up their secret naughty liaisons. 6. Home From Homers - 7pct - probably drive a Saab and visit the pub at least three times a week. 7. Quiz Machine Fanatics - 4pct - this lot are very competitive and hardly have any time to talk or drink. (ANI)

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