Surfing the net during office tea break can boost your concentration

March 30th, 2008 - 4:37 pm ICT by admin  

London, Mar 30 (ANI): For many people, taking a break from work means getting away from the computer screen. However, a new study by a leading human-response research group has shown that working at your comp and surfing the internet for a few minutes each working day can actually boost concentration and allow a person to be more productive.

According to many people, using computer during a break from work could prove more stressful.

But the new study has shown that using the web is as good as the office tea break.

“Many people think that using a computer just means stress and more work, but what we found was the converse,” the Scotsman quoted Mind Lab scientist Duncan Smith, as saying.

For the study, the researchers recruited women from seven European countries, and asked them to complete difficult computer-based intelligence tests to increase their stress levels.

After a period of crunching numbers and working out intellectual puzzles at speed, the researchers gave the test subjects a 10-minute break to relax by doing whatever they wanted online. Then they got back to the tests.

With the help of sensors, the researchers monitored the brain activity of the participants and found that after a break the women were not only more relaxed, but also more productive.

The effects were regardless of the activity the women participated in.

“Whether they just go and have a look at photos, chat with people or even just play an internet game, we’ve found that that really made a difference,” Smith said. (ANI)

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