Sanskrit can be simple, demonstrates Swami Sugunendra Teertha of Udupi

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New Delhi, Oct.29 (ANI): People of Delhi, including the Lieutenant Governor Tejendra Khanna, were in for a surprise on Sunday at a function to felicitate His Holiness Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swami of the Puttige Mutt from Udupi (Karnataka), when the Swamiji told them that he would deliver his discourse in Sanskrit.

People were looking forward to hearing a sermon from the learned Swamiji, who has travelled to different world capitals, spreading the message of Indian spiritualism.

Swami Sugunendra Theertha was in the national capital, prior to assuming, “Paryaya”, the privilege of worshipping for a period of two years at the Udupi Sri Krishna temple , established by Saint Madhvacharya eight centuries ago.

The cosmopolitan audience that included many from Karnataka had little knowledge of Sanskrit, which is used presently in India only at Hindu religious ceremonies. But they were spellbound when Swami Sugunendra Theertha listening to his discourse.

The discourse was in simple Sanskrit which anyone with the knowledge of any Indian language could understand with ease. The audience was mesmerised when he narrated to them the meaning of Madhva philosophy of Bhakti or devotion, how important it was in the present day world, and the significance of being unselfish.

He told the audience that while Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi were State languages of the country, Hindi was the national language, Sanskrit was the mother of all languages, which had links with all world languages.

Swami Sugunendra Theertha, who never had the advantage of a formal school or college education, is conversant in English too. He told the audience that he had travelled to the United States where he met President Bush and told him that economic globalisation had to be a part of spiritual globalisation to have worldwide acceptance and achieve its objectives.

Swami Sugunendra Theertha informed the audience that he had visited Russia, where he was invited to preside over a conference of religious leaders. He conveyed to President Putin about the need for integrating communism with spiritualism, which would help in unifying all nationalities.

He also visited Arab countries where he was honoured. He told them that India accepted that God is one and he had many manifestations, including Krishna and Allah, which all led to the same destination.

Swami Sugunendra Theertha, said that the Udupi Temple was known for its ‘Anna Daan’ - food offer –for feeding all visitors to the temple any time of the day. Rich or poor, who visit Udupi, partake in the Prasad, which is a meal in its precincts.

After a week-long stay in Delhi, Swami Sugunendra Theertha will leave for Udupi in Karnataka, where he will be assuming the headship of Sri Krisha Temple established by Madhvacharya, one of the Bhakti Saints who brought about a spiritual revolution in the country, alike to Swami Tulsidas in northern India and Sant Jnaneshwar in Maharashtra.

Udupi has eight temples, and for the last five centuries the head of each of the temples assumes the right to worship at the Krishna temple, at a ceremony known as the Paryaya. The right to worship at the Krishna temple is changed on rotation every two years among the heads of the eight temples. Swami Sugunendra Teertha will have the Paryaya ceremony on January 18, 2008.

This will be the third occasion when Swami Sugunendra Theertha will be assuming the coveted position to perform Puja at Lord Sri Krishna Temple.

Lieutenant Governor Tejinder Khanna, who was felicitated with a silk shawl by His Holiness Sugunendra Theertha Swami, said that the institution of religious Saints - in different religions of the country — helped preserve social harmony in the nation.

On the occasion, a Yakshagana performance, the traditional art form of coastal Karnataka was presented in Badagu Tittu (northern style Yakshagana), in which 28 performers from Udupi District enthralled the audience by enacting “Jambavati Kalyana” (the marriage of Lord Krishna). (ANI)

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