Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana to continue in XIth Plan

November 14th, 2007 - 1:56 am ICT by admin  
It was noted that the Planning Commission had made an allocation of Rs.28,000 crore in the XIth Plan for the scheme.

The CCEA, at its weekly meeting her, also gave its approval to the following :

To extend the moratorium on outstanding term loans as on 01.04.2005 announced in September 2005 for co-operative sugar factories, from two to upto five years (reckoned from 01.04.2005) and to include cooperative sugar mills, not included in the earlier package, for availing the benefits of earlier package;

To consider conversion of outstanding loans on account of harvesting and transport charges and short margins on sugar stocks, as appearing in the books of the sugar mills on 01.04.2007 into term loans upto a maximum period of five years, without any reduction in the existing rate of interest, and to provide higher interest subvention from budgetary support to the tune of Rs.600 crore;

To approve making five percent blending of ethanol with petrol mandatory across the country, except in J and K, North-Easter States and Island Territories and to make 10 percent blending optional from October, 2007 and mandatory from October, 2008, excepting in the areas mentioned above;

To approve a uniform purchase price of Rs.21.50 per litre ex-factory for supply of ethanol, which can be implemented all over the country for the next three years;

To give loans from the banks under special guidelines to the sugar mills - private, public sector and cooperatives- of an amount equivalent to the Central Excise duty actually paid by the sugar mills for levy and non-levy sugar during 2006-07 and an estimated amount of excise payable in 2007-08 and to provide interest subvention to the banks on account of this loan through budgetary provisions by the Central Government. Such Central assistance should be confined to the portion of arrears of sugarcane price, which is relatable to Statutory Minimum Price. This amount is for payment to farmers against sugarcane price arrears. Necessary guidelines will be issued by Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance in consultation with Department of Food and Public Distribution, based on the recommendation of GOM;

To reduce customs duty from 7.5 percent to five percent on “denatured alcohol” and from 10 percent to five percent on molasses ‘and to implement the same only when mandatory ethanol blending at five percent level is operationalized in the country;

To permit sugar factories to produce ethanol directly from sugarcane juice to augment availability of ethanol and reduce oversupply of sugar; and

To extend export assistance scheme counting at present by one more year from 19th April, 2008 to 18th April 2009 to target an additional export of further 3 million tons of sugar. The export assistance will be provided from Sugar Development Fund (SDF).

The meeting also gave its green signal for up-gradation and modernization of iron ore handling facilities at the Outer Harbour of Visakhapatnam Port at an estimated cost of Rs. 185.15 crores.

This decision will enable the port to handle higher traffic leading to increased revenue for the port and will improve the productivity and efficiency in handling iron ore at the port.

The CCEA also gave the go ahead for the procurement of long delivery equipments as a pre-project activity for four 700 MWe PHWRs at an estimated expenditure of Rs.1680 crore ahead of the project financial sanction.

The procurement of long delivery equipment is a prerequisite for timely completion of the project. This ensures timely availability of equipment so as to take advantage of parallel progress of civil construction and equipment erection. The long delivery equipments are to be obtained from indigenous manufacturers.

Two Boiling Water Reactors and fifteen Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors (PHWRs) with a total installed capacity of 4120 MWe are currently in operation. Three 220 MWe PHWRs and two 1000 MWe Light Water Reactors with a total capacity of 2660 MWe are under advanced stage of construction. Construction work has also been taken up on one 500 MWe Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) at Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu signifying launch of the second stage of the nuclear power programme. With the completion of these projects the total nuclear power capacity in the country will reach 7280 MWe by March 2011.

The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) was also given permission to acquire six nos. Cutter Suction Dredging Units along with workboats and accommodation boats for National Waterway No.1 and National Waterway No.2 at an estimated cost of Rs.113.45 crores. (ANI)

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