Rain plays spoilsport in Goa’s ‘Narakasur killing’ festival

November 14th, 2007 - 10:18 am ICT by admin  
Goa, which normally remains sunny in this part of the year, experienced sudden showers on Thursday that led to the cancellation of many effigy-burning ceremonies.

At least forty clubs and associations took part in this year’s competition and built huge effigies of Narakasur, as high as 40 feet.

However, there were few ceremonies that were able to burn their effigies.

According to Hindu mythology, powerful demon king Narkasur, also known ashasmasur, harassed deities and had held sixteen thousand adolescent princesses captive in order to marry them.

It is believed that Lord Krishna, who came to know about the incident, killed the demon king with his Sudarshana Chakra and secured the release of the captive princesses on the day of the Diwali.

“We celebrate this Diwali for good reasons. I hope in future our youths will go for better ideas and develop our country,” said Rupesh, a youth leader.

“I come here every year to see the Narakasur. The Narakasur is very big and the height goes on increasing every year,” said a local resident of Margao.

About 20 to 25 people are required to lift the Narkasur (demon) effigy that is filled with grass, wastepaper and crackers.

The effigy of Narkasur is then taken out on the streets in the form of a procession and later symbolically killed and burnt. (ANI)

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