Radio Pakistan wants India to adopt its style of democracy

December 3rd, 2008 - 7:40 pm ICT by ANI  

Ferozepur, Dec.3 (ANI): The Punjabi Durbar programme of the Pakistan Radio wants India to adopt its style of democracy.
Indian democracy, the Pakistan Radio feels, has been taken over by the mafia. For the good of the people of India, the country should adopt the Pakistan system.
Instead of political mafia, India should have a system where the military exercises all power and the politicians have all the pleasures of going round the world. Pakistan papers recently had scores of articles giving details of planeloads of politicians accompanying President Zardari.
Indian politicians in border areas of Punjab must be wondering how India can adopt the Pakistani system. The elections in India are conducted by the election commission, which ensures that polling is free and fair. There is little chance for any mafia to succeed in India.
Pakistan needs to remember that it is talking about the largest democracy of this world. Once people are chosen through election, there is peaceful transfer of power; no bloodshed or any untoward incident in India. The political parties coming to power are handed over the baton by the outgoing partys leaders, said S.C. Dhingra, a political scientist.
In Pakistan every change of government is preceded by violence. Dictatorship is followed by democracy in form, but the military continues to rule. The change of government is preceded by violence.
Dhingra said Pakistan does not have a proper system of election. Violence follows every time there is change of power. They are in a sorry state of affairs but still they point fingers at us. We have to spend crores to secure our borders.
We have always believed in the proverb Love thy neighbour. We have always wished for the betterment of Pakistan. May they be blessed with some wisdom, Dhingra added.
Pakistan needs to remember that India is the biggest democracy. Representatives are chosen through a proper electoral process to run the government at State and Central level.
The Indian political system is an inspiration for rest of the world.
Unlike Pakistan, the Opposition in India plays a vital role and commands respect. Everyone is expected to abide by the law, including the politicians. (ANI)

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