Radio Pakistan sees Punjabi language being erased in India

January 7th, 2009 - 4:02 pm ICT by ANI  

Abohar Jan.7 (ANI): Even since the partition of the sub-continent and the migration of a large number of Punjabi refugees from Pakistan to India, the Punjabi language and cuisine has become popular all over the country. The All India Radio and Doordarshan beam Punjabi programmes in many of their broadcasts and telecasts.

But the Punjabi Durbar programme of Pakistan Radio seems to think otherwise. For the Punjabi Durbar, Hindi imperialists are working hard to eliminate Sikhism and Punjabi from India.

In its latest broadcasts Radio Pakistan has been projecting that attempts are being made in India deny funds for promotion of Punjabi literature. It is also alleged that there is conspiracy to remove Punjabi and Gurmat teachings from academic syllabus.

Punjabi intellectuals were surprised to hear the broadcasts. They made a reality check about the actual state of affairs of Punjabi language.

“Punjabi language is flourishing in Punjab. Nobody can replace it. Before spreading or passing on any illogical comment, our neighbour should check the facts, said G. S. Chahal, an expert on Punjabi culture

“As far as my relations with the Punjabi literature is concerned, the Punjabi script that has developed in Punjab is called Gurmukhi. People in Punjab follow Gurmukhi . People in Punjab do not write in Devnagri or Roman script. Every language adopts words from other languages which helps them develop, said Prof. I. S. Godara, the Head of Punjabi department of DAV College in Abohar.

In Pakistan, Punjabis write in Shamukhi script, which we also call as Farsi. They are trying to adapt Gurmukhi as their script. The propaganda of Pakistanis that Punjabi is language of Sikhs only is completely false. Punjabi is the language of the people of all the religions living in Punjab. The rumour of confiscating Punjabi from Punjab is completely wrong,” said Prof. I. S. Godara added. (ANI)

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