Radio Pakistan sees Indian Punjab, Pakistan’s mirror image

June 22nd, 2009 - 11:34 pm ICT by ANI  

Abohar, June 22 (ANI): The Punjabi Durbar programme of Radio Pakistan is seeing Indian Punjab similar to what is existing in Pakistani portion of the State.

This was evident when one heard the latest Punjabi Durbar programme, which alleged that the Congress-led Government at the centre doesn’t pay attention towards the poor people and instead favours the rich people, thus causing the poor become poorer and rich get richer.

The producers of the programme would like all listeners to believe that at a time when global financial downturn has affected almost all countries, causing a number of banks and companies to go bankrupt, India too is going through a difficult time.

Pawan Kumar Bansal, an economist in Abohar, said: “The Indian economy has remained balanced. The poor people of India have established good sources of income for themselves. They are making good money. The statements made by Pakistan are completely wrong because our country is experiencing growth in every sector.” “At the time of our independence, we had very little resources because at that time the England was ruling over us. But the situation has changed, the per capita income has increased and a number of big industries have been established, ” he added.

Perhaps the broadcasters of Radio Pakistan need to see how India has progressed and the Governments of the day have tried to solve the problems of rich and poor in every possible way.

Be it the much appreciated debt-waiver policies, reservation schemes to safeguard interests of the schedule tribes or schedule castes and the socially backward, National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, and various other steps have perhaps missed the notice of Radio Pakistan’s broadcasters.

“The poor people of India have got pension plans, they are provided foodgrains at cheaper rates and a number of industries have been established to provide employment opportunities to them,” Pawan added.

People of Pakistani Punjab would like their government to carefully look at the state of people in Pakistan.

It would be a shock for them to know that Punjabis on the Indian side live life king size. (ANI)

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