Radio Pakistan keen to reform Indian elections

April 22nd, 2009 - 8:33 pm ICT by ANI  

Sanjay Dutt Abohar, April 20 (ANI): While the world press is projecting Indian elections as an event where millions of people are exercising their democratic right to choose their representatives to the national parliament, the Pakistan radio seems to be worried that it is not perfect.

Radio Pakistan has been pointing out in its Punjabi Durbar programme that various political parties of India have given tickets to criminals, who, with the help of bad characters, would force people to vote in their favour.

The Indian poll process, widely known for its impartiality, also has its faults. But voters in India listen to everybody but take decisions on their own. If anybody tries to force them to do anything, they react against it.

“There are thousands of workers in our party, who are very good and gentle. They carry out their part of the work peacefully; distribute pamphlets and go home to home for canvassing. They guard against anyone who uses force,” said Satyapal Jain, a former Member of Parliament. “The unfortunate thing about Pakistan is that the rulers of Pakistan feel that until and unless they spew venom and spread rumours against India, their existence can’t be proved. I also got a chance to visit Pakistan as member of a delegation in 1958 and listening to Pakistan TV, sometime I felt like laughing, and sometime angry. Pakistan is our neighbour. Disputes can be there between our two countries. Some 50-60 years back, we were one country and it might possible that in future we will get united again like Germany,” he added.

Pakistan must know that nomination of any person with criminal background can be nullified by the Election Officer, as was seen in the hi-profile case of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt.

Besides, the elections are held under the supervision of Election Commission. The whole process has been operationalised under the watchful eyes of Election Commission, which is known for its strict execution of established regulations.

Moreover, large number of security personnel are deployed in sensitive areas. They take care against action by Naxals or terrorists and ensure that the voters feel fearless and get motivated to vote. Any incident or report of coercion can jeopardize the candidate’s political future in India.

Villagers can be misinformed for a little while but the people come to know the truth sooner than later. People from Pakistan visiting India and are amazed to find just the opposite of whatever negative they got to learn about the ‘reality’ of India. It is time Pakistan Radio conveyed truth to its listeners. (ANI)

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