Pakistan wont judge terrorists by their causes but by their actions: Haqqani

December 6th, 2008 - 2:02 pm ICT by ANI  

Washington, Dec.6 (ANI): Pakistans Ambassador to the United States,Hussain Haqqani has said that terrorists nabbed by Islamabad will not be judged by their causes, but by their actions.
We are not going to judge terrorists by their causes. We are going to judge them by their actions. So, basically, anybody who engages in terrorism is a terrorist for us, irrespective of what cause they espouse, Haqqani declared.
Haqqani claimed that Pakistan has begun to share actionable intelligence with India and the United States in so far as the Mumbai terror attacks were concerned.
Pakistan will take action against any elements inside its territory which are found to be responsible for terrorist attack against our neighbour or anywhere else in the world. And no one will be spared as long as we are told what the evidence is against them and as long as we know who we are targeting,Haqqani said on the JimLehrer News Hour.
Would Pakistan arrest Lashkar leaders such as Hafiz Muhammad Saeed? The ambassador said in his reply that if he answers question in the affirmative, then many of these guys are going to go underground, so let’’s not get into the specifics.
No organization which engages in terrorism is going to be allowed to operate out of Pakistan, he assured.
He claimed that the purpose of the Mumbai attack was three-fold: to attack India and cause carnage; to threaten the democratic regime in Pakistan; and to hit the India-Pakistan peace process.
The terror groups want our countries to come to the brink, to be at each other’’s throats, Haqqani said.
Haqqani wanted Washington to help Pakistan and India both in producing good actionable intelligence.
Washington can help build Pakistan’’s democratic future, with an economy in shambles and large pockets of extremist ideology, in addition to poor literacy, he said.
He urged India to understand that there is a new democratic Pakistan which can be a partner to a democratic India in making the lives of both Pakistanis and Indians better and peaceful. (ANI)

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