Pakistan still doesnt have anti-terror operations capacity: US

December 8th, 2008 - 3:03 pm ICT by ANI  


Washington, Dec.8 (ANI): The United States of America has said that Pakistan does not have any capacity to counter terrorists operations inside its territory.
A study conducted by the out going Bush administration, reveals that the military aid provided to Pakistan by US to root out militant groups from its territory has been largely wasted.
The $10 billion in military aid provided to Pakistan as reimbursement for its efforts to root out militant groups has been largely wasted, reports David Sanger of New York Times.
The payments are believed to have been used to build up Pakistani forces against India.
Meanwhile, the outgoing Bush administration is recommending to the incoming Obama team that US military aid to Pakistan in future be made conditional on the Pakistani militarys reconfiguration to effectively fight the Taliban.
The review suggests that Pakistan has been playing both sides, financing the Taliban even while fighting them. Weve gone seven long years proclaiming that Pakistan was an ally, and that it was doing everything we asked in the war on terror and the truth is that $10 billion later, they still dont have the basic capacity for counterinsurgency operations. What we are telling Obama and his people is that has to be reversed, senior official involved in drafting the study headed by White House war czar Lt Gen Douglas Lute said
Revamping the aid to the military was part of a three-month study of what has gone wrong in the seven-year war along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.
The drafts prepared for Obama administration suggest that US has never focused sufficiently on nation-building, job creation, construction of schools and roads and pushing the Pakistani Government to focus on counter-terrorism and counter insurgency.
It urges Obama to take a more regional approach to the problem.
The message of the report is that you cant win in Afghanistan without first fixing Pakistan, but even if you fix Pakistan, that wont be enough, a senior military official said. (ANI)

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